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Instructions for Completing ACC Application for Accreditation of an Educational Organization

When completing your Application for Accreditation of an educational organization, please follow these guidelines:

  1. Provide only one copy of each document requested. Once a document is completed, it may be referenced by Section and Page numbers throughout the remainder of the Application. Additional copies of such documents are never required in any other portion of the Application.

  2. Send only the required material.

  3. Use page numbers starting with page 1 in each Section of the Application listing both the Section Number and the Page Number. For example, the third page of the second section is II-3.

  4. Send only one copy of each of your publications used to support any portion of the Application. If the same publication is needed for a later Document, insert a blank page with the notation to refer to the earlier Document. For example, if Document 15 is a part of Document 10, simply state on the blank page: "Reference Document 10."

  5. Your Application must be double spaced and follow the same format as our Application Form. Please type the identical verbiage contained in our Application Form including both the letter identifying the information requested and the colon (:), then furnish the information requested.  Or, import our forms into Word and type your responses in Word and then print out an original copy.

  6. Submit only one copy of your completed Application and one original copy of each appended publication.  You may submit your application electronically as an attached file. Email it to admin@agr8.org attention Processing Center (no spaces in e-mail address).

  7. Include payment of $1500.00 or pay by credit card (sorry, we can't accept American Express) using the IPX Services secure gateway.

Application for Accreditation of an Educational Organization as a Word document

Application for Accreditation of an Educational Organization as an Adobe PDF File

Please note: to print PDF pages, you must have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.