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About the Commission

The Commission is a reorganization of the National Board of Accreditation for Certification Agencies (NBACA) founded by William Bennett, Ed.D. in 1989. Dr. Bennett had been employed since 1982 as an accreditation officer by the National Commission for Health Certifying Agencies (NCHCA) until its demise in 1989.

The remnants of NCHCA became the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) which continues to this day and NBACA.

NBACA became the Natural Therapies Accreditation Commission (NTAC) in 2002.

NTAC was reorganized in 2007 as two organizations: the United States Accreditation Commission (USAC), and the Canadian Accreditation Commission (CAC). USAC flourished. CAC floundered.

These two merged in 2010 and changed their name to the current American Accreditation Commission (AAC).

Dr. Bennett served as the initial president of the NBACA and engineered these name changes. He retired soon after the 2010 merger forming AAC.

He was dedicated to building a strong accreditation board recognized by the US Department of Education (DOE). He was disappointed this was not to be. US DOE is interested in working only with scholastic programs provided by public and private universities and colleges and the organizations that serve them.

Despite this setback, AAC is flourishing and serving the needs of the alternative, complementary, holistic, integrative and natural health, nutrition, therapies and wellness professions we serve

Dr. Jeanne Baker became President of AAC as soon as the merger of USAC and CAC was completed in 2010. Dr. Baker worked with Dr. Bennett for seven years before he retired.

The Commission accredits the following types of organizations:

Certification Boards serving non-licensed health, nutrition, therapies and wellness professionals.

Coaching Education Organizations teaching basic coaching tools and techniques to non-licensed health, nutrition, therapies and wellness professionals preparatory to becoming certified as coaches in their profession.

Education Organizations dedicated to teaching vocational courses to non-licensed professionals according to Blueprints leading to certification in alternative, complementary, holistic, integrative and natural health, nutrition, therapies and wellness.

Professional Associations for non-licensed, but properly certified, professionals in the health, nutrition, therapies and wellness industries.

The Commission maintains lists of:

1. Accredited Certification Boards

2. Accredited Coaching Workshops

3. Accredited Vocational Academies, Institutes and Schools

4. Accredited Professional Associations

5. Types of Approved Natural Therapies


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